Kicked off grades

So I recently went on my Infinite flight to see I was on grade 1 where the last time I was on it was grade 3 I haven’t been on in ages about 1-3 months because I moved house so it been stressful and other stuff so if this is the case I don’t think it’s fair infinite flight kick you off cause your not flying yet I pay for it so can someone help why ?

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Unfortunately, the rules are the rules. If you do not fly enough, you will get bumped down some grades. However, if you continue to fly often, you can move up to the next grade. Unfortunately, you cannot pay for an extra grade. You have to keep working your way up!

This is because of the:

  • 90 day flight time
  • 90 day landings

These are your stats recorded in the last 90 days. Because you haven’t flown in a long time, these will be at 0. There is a requirement for each of these to get Grade 3.

Just start flying, do some landings (patterns?) and you will be back in Grade 3 in no time.

The reason this exists is the simulator changes, and people may forget some ES rules over time, and their plane handling skills may be rusty. We just want everyone to beg fully ready before flying on ES.

Hope to see you in the ES skies soon!

The training server and expert sever have requirements such as flight time, XP, and landings in 90 days to ensure the pilot is proficient in flying before some of these more advanced severs with traffic and air traffic control. So yes I do think its fair to be demoted down a grade which is plenty of motivation to keep up on flying. Cheers!

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