Kick out someone in Training Server

Hi. In training server, a controller controls ZUUU for 5 days but no response. I think he is very rude. Can anyone kick him out?

Unfortunately not. What’s his display name?? Maybe we can find him here on the IFC page and then you can attempt to contact him.

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No, he hides his name and shown as controller

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Yes I can see him. 5 days!!!

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I saw this person controlling at ZUUU for 5 days. Better to just ignore him

5 Days without/little sleep is hard

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Ah that’s annoying. I’m not sure we can do much, as annoying as it is :(. As @Ethan_Lee1 suggested, there are loads more airports around the world, so feel free to aviate around those.

Yes. Hope @Tyler_Shelton can solve this problem or ZUUU can’t be use anymore :(

Maybe we can find the controller, and make friendly contact with them. Maybe they have not realised their device is on for 5 days, maybe AFK.

It’s stupid controlling for 5 days. It’s not good for anyone physically and mentally
I can contact the controller since I got the name? Or does the controller change the name?

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How is someone that isn’t responding rude?

The most likely issue here is that there’s a technical issue causing this.


It make sense Tyler.
I will PM the controller

  1. Does it say Tyler anywhere on my name? ;)
  2. How are you going to contact the controller given he’s not sharing his name in the app?

As Schyllberg said, maybe a technical glitch where it just looks like he is controlling when actually they could be not even on the app.

I think the best bet is to let the OP contact the controller (if we know their tag), and then he can have a chat. Other people doing it is unnecesary.

Not sure if something is unclear.
How is anyone of you going to contact a controller that doesn’t share his details which this user isn’t?

i mentioned later that can be done if we know his tag, which we don’t lol. I’ll use my telepathic skills

Oh I thought anyone who have an active account on IF is contactable?

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only if they link their ifc account to IF


No. They’re not. This user have not linked the account to IFC or have the username switched off.

So, how did you find out?


You’re right.
I got tad confused with the airport name as a name silly me! I leave it to you guys