kianabbasi ATC Tracking Thread @ KSEA [PASSED] [CLOSED]

If anyone could come and give me some feedback please I’d really appreciate it :)

I just passed my IFATC test and I’m waiting for my practical so could really do with the help,



You picked a quiet time of the day to open.
On my way as PH-ADZ.

Overall good work! You didn’t pick an easy airport, which is crammed next to quite a mountain, leaving you with 07L for some fun patterns. I would recommend practicing on an airport such as EDDL, with the two close parallel runways.
Mr IFATC test didn’t make life easy, and I liked your sequence instructions.
Liked your Ground control, with the give way instructions. Important!
Timely clearance - good!
Ascot 99 reported full-stop and you told him ‘youre already cleared to land, etc’. However, he was giving you valuable info, as he was telling you he won’t be doing a touch and go anymore.
Runway exit for me: good. You noticed I was slowing down to exit and not take off again, and I hadn’t reported full-stop 👍🏼
Careful how you send aircrafts to an another runway. Keen an eye on departing and inbound traffic to decided you left someone come in over left, or over right.

All the best with your test! 👌🏼


Brilliant feedback!! Thank you very much. Yeah I noticed my mistake with Ascot 99 a little too late, I did feel a bit bad for that (sorry Ascot if you’re reading this ❤️)

Also if you don’t mind my asking, what sort of time would be best to do one of these? I always seem to get it wrong xD

Thanks again for the feedback and blue skies!


Don’t feel bad about mistakes. Just take in the feedback and learn. It’s called progress 😉😅

It’s hard to know when is a good time. It depends on the day of the week as well. Just check the world clock and see who’s ‘awake’. And open as often as you can.

Do you have a trainer? Does he not organize training sessions?


That was really good feedback even I learned something from reading that.

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Yeah I have an awesome trainer who’s in my time zone as well so it’s great, he’s given me great advice on PM so far and we have our first training session tomorrow, just want to be ready for it, hence all the tracking threads, can’t hurt to do a little extra on the side right?

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Opening up, would appreciate some feedback :)

Good job. I was E438.

Good sequencing N-TEXAS behind me, clearance, transition altitude, ground commands.

You were quick to tell him “go around”. I’m sitting on runway on purpose.

Everything was good.
See you next time :)

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Thank you very much @DaniCP ! Whilst I have you here I need to ask, obviously your tbm is a lot slower than his f16, I sent him to go around, but there’d be that risk of you taking off again with him right behind you etc, is there anything I can do to make you stop on the ground as you’re rolling to avoid this?

Closest I can think of is to cancel takeoff clearance or to just tell you to hold position but that doesn’t sound right

Tell me to hold position on the runway I think is not a good idea because i’m doing touches and goes, but you can tell to the F16 “go around, make right trafic 26L”, if it does not interfere with any traffic taking off from 26R. So there is no conflict with me because I was in left pattern. Make sense? Just look at the radar and decide what is best in each moment.
Hope you understand me…

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Perfect, cheers for that

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Gonna try this again, hope to see some of you turn up

Will open tower and ground as KSEA and would love some feedback

Not busy today…thanks for the patterns

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Yeah seems to be that way everytime I open up haha, thanks for coming along anyway


Open now at KSEA, pop by for some patterns and let me know if I can do anything to improve

Sorry I haven’t been able to make it out. Give me a heads up and I will make it out next time :)

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Awesome mate can’t wait

Open now at KSEA come say hi :)

I’ll stop by

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Good job on everything! Excellent work! 👍🏻