Kian_abbasi's ATC tracking thread [CLOSED]



Come in anything you want and test me, I’d love to get some feedback as I’m practicing for my practical IFATC test :)

Pop by and say hello!


Hi Kian
All spot on from what I saw, only thing that confused me was the R traffic, on the L runway, but of course if you had no intention of using the R rw all fine 😉.
If you’re practicing for IFATC test, I’d recommend using an airport with 2 parrellel runways, as you have an additional complication there with traffic using adjacent runways.
PS Sorry cut it short, spun out there at end with the crosswind 😂

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Cheers for the feedback!!! Yeah I don’t know why I didn’t just get you to taxi onto the right runway xD

Noted about the airports, I’ll do that next time.

Also yeah well ignore the spin off ;)

Thanks again!

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You can always give a pattern entry to another rw, flying there is quicker than taxing 😉

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Open again for a bit :)

Don’t see you open?

Sorry about that I’ve closed up because no one showed up for quite a while, open now again :)

Well done!

Only one thing, when I was on final rwy 22 you cleared someone for takeoff on rwy 18L and nearly caused a mid air-collision after my touch and go. Be careful about that.

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Yeah I wasn’t too sure whether or not to clear him, my mistake!! Cheers for the feedback :)

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Pop by KATL if you want

If a mod could please close this as I have another main thread that would be lovely thanks :)

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