KIAH/KASE/TNCM IFATC Approach Sessions

Hello everyone,in the last few days,I got some nice timelapse videos of approach sessions at different airports.

KIAH Approach

This was during the KIAH FNF,I tagged with @tomthetank and @jakcharvat. They were South approach handling Runways 08L and 08R. I was North approach handling arrivals on runway 09. Speeds were used to make the aircraft enter downwind leg without adding additional legs for them. For those who calls in close and high(Avoid doing this) were given some 360s which worked out preety well. For those who calls in from cruise altitude were rewarded by holds at the nearby airports. At the end,most of the pilots were nice and made the session easy and amazing. Thanks to tower( @KSJCRampAgent and @edivan_dcds)

KASE Approach

I also got a chance to control at a famous small airport, Aspen pitkins surrounded by big mountains where u can easily crash someone. A big 10+ nm spacing was required to properly manage the airport,since its one way in and one way out. Departure would turn them immediately after take-off to avoid collision with arriving traffic.

Thank to @Adam_Macaulay for helping me with a plan :)

Initially,I was holding Aircrafts at KRIL starting from FL130 to FL190. The first one down to FL130 gets away from the hold. Later,I tried spacing out the arrivals intially by at least 8-10nm and got them in without use of holds,since they were already spaced enough,holds weren’t required. If you were at KASE,I hope you enjoyed it. Big thanks to @Jose_Oscana and @julius97

TNCM Approach

Who doens’t loves TNCM?The beautiful airport in the Caribbean. Its simply awesome. A simple 5 legs pattern were used(as seen in video) to get them in. All Aircrafts were Intially set up with 220 knots at the upwind leg,200 knots on downwind and 170 knots on base. Spacing wad tight at start,but I was able to open up spacing by 8-10nm later and helped tower to kick out departures easily. Thanks to @TJB for tower control.

Hope y’all enjoyed it.

Last and big thanks to @Kamaniya for helping me with these videos.


Yoo @Prashant_Divedi

Love your videos!!! Can’t believe you’re such a pro in handling this.
They are really inspiring. It was great to play with you!

KASE looks so difficult 🤯 did you crash somebody?

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Tried but no one crashed, unfortunately.

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If you didnt crash anyone, you are a good APP controller. Keep it up Prashant. For your reward you get a Spicy Tea.

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I’m seeing a lot more of these now and I really like them!

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