KIAH Flyout Event and Sunrise Arrival into Istanbul

Hello! This were some pictures taken through yesterday’s KIAH flyout event hosted by @Bray. My flight was from KIAH to LTBA on the 777-300ER with Turkish Airlines. This flight was 10 hours and 36 minutes long. Hope you enjoy the pics :)

My departure out of 08R with a Lufthansa 747 in the background:

Sunrise over Romania:

And finally my arrival into LTBA runway 05:

Hope you guys enjoyed :)

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Looks like a fun Flyout!

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It was! Big thanks for Bray for hosting it

Why did you fly to LTBA instead of LTFM?

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LTBA was my original destination but cargo but there wasn’t a 77F for Turkish Cargo so I flew passenger to LTBA. LTFM was for @Isacc_Paddy but I don’t think he showed up also.

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Ok, if fly Generic but that makes sense as all cargo goes to LTBA

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I would never(and will never) have the patience. Nice work

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ahaha thank you