KIAD On Expert Open

Wanted to let eveyone know KIAD will be open until at least 2200 EDT, so you United pilots have a blast.

Happy Flying


Thanks for the quick departure! Smooth as butter.

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Glad it was good for you, have a great flight.

Great ATC Adam! Easy Departure out of Washington DC! Just landed in Baltimore!


Great! Glad you liked, nothing like a quick trip from DC to Baltimore

Looks like ill be here past 11PM edt, some are enroute back now.

EWR is open also for anyone looking for a short hop IAD-EWR or vice versa :)


2 so far for the iad to ewr shuttle flights.

And 4 more, its getting exciting

How much longer will you be on? Arriving in 20 minutes. And then going to head back to EWR!

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I’ll be here, won’t leave anyone hanging.

Awesome, thanks!

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I have to stop at some point so last plane in for me tonight arrives in 1 hour, I’ll close then. That means 12:45Am EDT will target close

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Closing in 2 min

Fedex 38 had a nice landing with little traffic. Thanks.

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I was Emirates 232 super, nice job.

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

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