Is KHHR in the same coverage area for the approach controller as KLAX is?

Seeing as Hawthorne Municipal (KHHR) is 4-5nm away from LAX… I’d be hard pressed to believe it wouldn’t be.

Yep, I believe they are both SOCAL Approach

it is on APPR and Dep but not on TWR and GRND i think

Well I only ask because I was told that by the controller requesting an ILS approach into that airport.

Each airport has its own Tower / Ground frequency

Innsbruck only has Tower… for some reason

Think that might be an error

Well right after he told me to change frequencies to KHHR traffic. Maybe I should message him / her. Is there a way to find the controllers name after the flight has been finished?

yes (ten ten ten)

click on the airport

Ok? Then ?

In IF an approach controller providing services at KLAX is not required to provide approach services at nearby fields. They can choose to if they wish, but they can also give you the message you received and send you to the airport common traffic frequency.

Same goes for all airports.


Oh ok so it wasn’t an error, thank you.

You would be surprised, while I was editing and building FQIN I found out that it only had Tower IRL, I assume due to its very straight forward taxi system. Whether they use a Unicom for ground or whether tower does it all I am not sure. But it is entirely possible this is how it is IRL. But we can only know for sure by looking at charts for the airfield.

Yep, looks like there’s no Ground frequency irl. Guess it makes sense with LOWI’s layout.

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Yep, I do wonder how it is communicated though, I wonder if the tower just calls pushback and then says taxi to runway. Cause it is not like there is the need to list out the taxiway usage.

That seems like the only feasible way of working with a tower only system.


I’m also curious to know, in IF if there’s a large event at LOWI, how is ground control managed?

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