KHAF Event!

Today at 9:00 am join the half moon airport in san fransisco on free flight server fly a 737-900 Alaskan air lines the goal is to have fun join. If you are going to going email me at darionhothead@gmail.comcom*********$$$$$$$$$$&%#$%%###$$$$##$##$$


And I don’t have Alaskan, mind if I still join though?

Est time joing

Ok, and you think Hawaiian Airlines would be alright,

with this event?

Yes remember to email me at

That’s ok tel your friends and spread the word

Your email doesn’t work

And is it affirmative KHAF?

Can It be KSFO instead? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sticking with bluemoon

Alright, I’ll be there!

Ok did the email work

I will be there what time central