KGYY GPS 02 Cone Issue

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I was flying into KGYY this afternoon in the Chicago region and noticed that the GPS cone was pretty far off. I used some lines to show where the cone is, as it was a little difficult to see from the raw image. The red lines in the mini map are the outer edges of the cone and the black line is the center line. You can see that I was essentially on centerline with the CDI needle on the bottom. I suppose the real issue is how the cone is depicted on the map rather than the accuracy of the navigation equipment. Again, not sure if the “cone” editing is within your fortei, but thought. Thanks and let me know if there is anything else that I can further clarify. I realize that as you get closer the GPS or ILS depending on the equipment for the runway, gets more sensitive as you get closer. This was not the case as it was off from the end of the cone to the runway.The GPS 02 is in question. Aircraft utilized was the Cessna 208.

I have spoken with some members of the airport editing team and they informed me that this particular issue is not in their area of expertise, as they only deal with the ILS approaches.

iPad Mini 4, iOS 10.3.1
IF Version 16.12.0

Airport included for general reference


There are so many things wrong with that statement idk where to begin. @Henrik could you fix this?


This is something that needs to be handled on the developer side. We only handle ILS approaches.


Also same with KSFO runway 18R ILS is off

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Thanks, Henrik! I’ll pass this along to be worked on when able.