KFSD Has No Terminal Area?

As you can see in this photograph, I’m the F9 A320 operating as FFT442 just like the real world counterpart which lands only moments after I do. However, I was looking for my gate “Gate 1” and I realized there is no gate area. It’s all runways and taxiways.

But if you look at the photo below, there is very clearly a gate area.

So I’m confused. I had to RP it and “call” a transport bus and ladder truck to deplane on the taxiway before I taxied to a spot that wasn’t blocking the major taxiways. This was saddening to me that I couldn’t finish properly.

And it’s not just that it I should flattened. IF very clearly shows the gate area as just a blurry photograph.

Not all airports have been redone yet as there are tens of thousands of them.

Unfortunately not all of the airports in Infinite Flight have been reworked. I do believe there is a way to bring this to the attention of the editing team, but I don’t have the link to hand. Someone else probably does though…

Okay so it’s not just me. That makes me feel slightly better, I’ll be operating the real world return flight out and “pretend” to Board At a Gate.

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Well you’d think one of South Daktoah’s main airports would be noticed, I guess not. :) thanks for your input sir.

Hello, thanks for your concern about this airport. Unfortunately, this airport has not yet been reworked by the airport editing team, and is still formatted as the default X-Plane file. The editing team does not normally take requests, but I’m sure this airport will be reworked eventually. Regards, Kevin.


So as more and more airports are getting redone by the IFAE team we add details such as this as I myself and
On the NAV team I know the airport editing team is woorking hard to edit and redo every airport and possibly a airport editor will see this and possibly rework it. Have a great day

Hello! Just for future refrenece please next time you find something wrong with an airport please just fill out this form rather than make a topic, regards 305…

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Thanks for the report and thanks airport editors for your guidance ;)