KFRG Challenge

Here’s the challenge: Land an A380-800 at KFRG (New York) on solo mode, starting on final for runway 19.
Must have weight set to medium for challenge to be possible
Must have clear conditions, no wind, full visibility, etc
Must stop with nose gear not touching the grass at the opposite end of runway (can be on the taxiway)
Post your screenshots of attempts here! Good luck!

My success(ish) 😄

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Why would you want the nose gear on the grass?

I said NOT touching the grass, meaning you fail if you do so

My apologies. I’ll give it a shot now

Do I see your nose wheel on the grass or would you consider that a pass?

That was a breeze for me.

I’d consider it a pass

This was too easy. Try TNCS next time

What is the runway length


Both of them


  • 5524ft


  • 1301ft
    (TNCS is the worlds shortest commercial runway)

KFRG Runway 19 is give or take, 5,000 ft long

5500!no wonder this was easily completed. I dunno whether I can do it but experienced pilots can 2000 ft. Is a challenge

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Also I think 1300 is impossible. Maybe I am wrong tho

I found it easy. I only used 1/4 of the runway

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It might be. I’ll try it now

Try landing the A380 at CO68 in Denver, it took me like 10 tries.