KFLL Terminal Bug

Hello All,
When I recent flew into KFLL I noticed that all the terminal taxi lines and such are missing. Everything is now appearing as a grass texture. I have tried clearing my cache, restarting my device, and re-installing the app. This may be a Live bug, but who knows. Just putting it out there!

Yea I dont see anything from my end

I’ll look into the airport files now. Stand by.

EDIT: Files look all good, whereabouts are you guys spawning?

ok, I posted this on the editing team slack also.

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spawned from 10 different gates, all the same

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This is not an airport editing issue. Do you have a screenshot of what you’re referring to? That would help immensely. Thanks.


I think this mostly happens when your internet connection is slow all you have to do is wait for 20-30 secs after you spawn in before touching anything and give it some time to load.

Yea my home airport is that if you know seeing me flying out of there all the time and some taxiways parallel to 10 land 28R

yeah, I will send it over when I can.

I have tried that :)

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