KFLL Spotting | Volume 1

Hello everyone,

I recently took a journey down to my home airport to do some spotting. I am quite pleased on how the photos turned out!

Delta 757-200, inbound from ATL

Delta 757-200, Taxiing to Runway 28L

Alaska 737-900ER, on final from Seattle

Delta A321 inbound from JFK

Azul Airbus A330-200, 6 hour and 30 minute flight from Campinas

South West 737-800

Delta 737-900ER, from JFK

Thanks for viewing, leave any feedback below!


These are some excellent photos!

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Thanks vincent!

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How am I 6 days late just to see this?!?

Isn’t your spotting place near the i 95 overpass?

this is amazing great job I was wondering if you could possibly catch my flight leaving tomorrow to buffalo at 3?

Won’t be able to catch it, but you’ll go right over my house! I’ll track it. What’s the flight number/airline?

Nice shots! I fly into FXE often, would be cool if you got some pics next time if you’re around.

Of course, I’m over there all the time. My flight school is actually based out of FXE.

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Airline is JetBlue FlightB62466 on March 21st at 3:30 pm it is a A320 KFLL-KBUF

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@AirCanada11 👋👋

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that is my flight for real

Hope you had a nice flight! JetBlue never disappoints.

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Welcome to part 2 of my flight from FLL-BUF and here are some pics

this was beautiful flight on Jetblue and I alaways fly them to Florida and back so enjoy the pics

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My house is somewhere in this picture ;)

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