KFLL Photo Dump

Hello everyone, this is my first spotting topic on the IFC. I’ve been spotting at this airport for around over one year. Here are some of my favorite photos so far.

EDIT: The photos got a bit cropped from the right side, I apologize for that.

United 757-200 coming in from Houston one day before the Super Bowl back in February 2020.

A Silver Airways ATR-42 waiting for clearance during some stormy weather.

An Azul A330-900NEO being serviced while preparing out for departure out to Campinas. This shot was taken from a Spirit A320NEO.

A Caribbean Airlines 737 taxiing with its gorgeous hummingbird livery. Has to be one of my favorite liveries!

A Delta 737-900 flaring on final approach as it completes its journey from SLC.

The American Retro TWA livery making its way to the runway to depart for Dallas.

A United A320 painted in the new livery, with the Ft. Lauderdale skyline in the background. This shot was taken back in January 2020, and the livery was fresh on the aircraft.

A brand new JetBlue A321NEO preparing to depart for JFK. I was actually the first person to catch this specific registration, and get it on JetPhotos.

Thank you for viewing my photos. Let me know which ones you enjoyed the most.


all the pics are amazing!

keep it up!


Awesome pics. @CaptainZac this topic seems like the perfect place for you.

I agree. That livery is stunning.


Wow! Very impressed on these photos! Awesome job!




It’s a -200, nice shots!

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Amazing Photos!!

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What’s your equipment?


Canon EOS 5D Mark III, lens 70-200mm. You can find more of my pics at @southfloridaspotter on insta


Woah its very rare to see caribbean airlines (based where i live) do uk where its going/came from

Great photos! I spot a KDFW and the most rarest livery i’ve see is the American Air-cal livery. I took so many pics as it blasted!

Nice pics! I only had time for 3 planes when I went to FLL before I had to catch my flight. Very nice airport to spot at!

Dropped you a follow on Instagram as well!

He is from FLL too)

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