Keyboard Input Lag Samsung S24+

Hello IF Community,

I have been playing IF on a new S24+ for a couple of days. The game for the most part is performing well.

However one very annoying thing is there is an insane amount of lag when attempting to input any text while in the IF game. For example:

  • When searching an airport to spawn at
  • Searching waypoints and airports in session
  • Pasting flight plans in session

Worst amount of time with lag is around 1 minute where the keyboard and textbox will just stay on screen and not disappear after hitting done.

I’ve searched on google and found a couple of other Samsung devices with similar issues but for me this insane keyboard lag only occurs when in IF. Other places I have no issues. I have tried everything from resetting keyboard, using Gboard and Swift and removing IF from Game Launcher but to no success.

Would like to know if anyone here faces issues such as this and any potential fixes. Haven’t played IF on Android before but on iOS I haven’t had any such issue.

Thanks IFC

Device: Samsung S24+ 256GB
Operating system: Android 14

If you paste a massive flight plan consisting of hundreds of characters then there should be a slight delay, but nothing too serious when you are typing an airport code?

The issue is it’s super laggy when pasting or typing even just 1 letter.

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