Keyboard Control Table Key "C" missing

For Infinite Flight I use the following configuration: Samsung S8+ with Samsung keyboard and Gameair G4 pro controller. So I fly with a keyboard, controller and screen controls.

If you are interested, I would like to present my control configuration here. (Many thanks for the great oportunity to config a controller with the release 23.3.3). When configuring my keyboard, I noticed that the “C” key is recognized as the “Z” key. So when I press the “C” key, a “Z” appears in the keyboard control table, and when I press the “Z” key, the “Z” also appears. The “C” key cannot therefore be used. A small problem but perhaps you haven’t noticed it yet.

Is it possible to save the control configuration in a text or PDF file? Otherwise all you have to do is take screenshots.
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Android 14
Samsung S8+

I have the S8 Ultra with keyboard.

I have the same issue here.
And another issue as well.
Once you’ve mapped a key and then delete it, it can’t be mapped again.
I’ll bring it up so it can be looked at.

Thanks for reporting this.

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