So I am having a hard time to choose if I should do EWR-SIN or SIN-EWR when the A350 comes out. What do you guys recommend and why?

Happy Flying!


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Both are good 😉


Fly TLS-SIN delivery flight
SIN-KUL-SIN to learn the new bird
Then finally
SIN-EWR-SIN over the span on 3+ days


I’d prefer to choose EWR-SIN if I’m going to use the Singapore Airlines livery since the plane will fly back to its home country


None. Fly from San Francisco to Singapore ;)


But the whole point is to fly an SQ a350

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Singapore flies the A359s between the 2 cities, and 1 of the services is even with the ULR, although that service will end soon :)

But what does that have to do with the OP specifically asking about

It was a joke… I simply said to fly San Francisco to Singapore instead of from Newark…

You guys can give it a vote now! 😉

KEWR to WSSS is my vote. It is always fun to fly with people also there are multipl eroutes you can take from there.

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It is very interesting how they fly over Alaska bound for EWR but then when they are bound for SIN from EWR they fly over Europe 😃😅

Fly WSSS-KEWR because that’s is first longest flight by A350 Singapore Airlines!

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Well I’m planning to do this as well. It will be an overnight flight for me and I live in the UK. To get as much daylight as possible I’m going to do it from KEWR- WSSS so then at night it will still be day in New York and then when I land in the late morning it will be the evening in Singapore so I’m getting as much daylight as possible!

If u want maximum daylight I’d do it from KEWR to WSSS. But if you’re not bothered about the amount of daylight then it doesn’t really matter which way you do it.

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Wow great reason! Daylight is a good point. You can always change the day to noon but that would change the realism. I would take off at around 6PM so that I land early next morning. I also live in Europe just one hour head of you 😉


You trying to do a group flight Friday?

No. I would like to do that flight but I don’t know when.

Cool. I’m finna do it Friday if you trying to join

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EWR is my home airport so I tend to fly out of there a lot on IF. I like flying the real world SID


I would stay away from Singapore Airlines through summer ce there is an error that the livery says Singapope instead of Singapore

Just my stuff I guess