KEWR - WSSS Flight Time

Curious what people have clocked flying this route. I completed it several days ago and came in at 16:49 in an a380. The real world time is estimated at 18:45 and of course a different aircraft.

@AndrewWu completed this flight a few days ago in the B78X.

Maybe he’ll share his time :)


If you’re curious about the time difference, take into account that the filed IRL flight time starts from the second they board to the second they deplane. Also winds are deciding factors in speed and flight time.
I finished it in 19 hours, but I had to deliberately slow down.


I did CYYZ-WSSS a few days ago and did 17:01hrs

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Cruise speed,flight plan and headwinds determine the flight time mostly

As said above, various factors determine the flight time, but overall it should be 18+ hours most of the time. Although this flight will be operated by an A350-900ULR for Singapore this month so I guess we’ll know after the maiden flight. Read up more on my post here:

A plane can obviously fly extremely fast, but only with a LOT of fuel, so the almost 17 hours flight you recreated was probably at a speed most planes do not fly normally. I know that I once flew SFO - DXB on an Emirates A380 and we were delayed from SFO due to severe traffic at the time, the captain announced we would be loaded with more fuel to make up for that time, so many airlines do not use the maximum amount of fuel, so to save money and just pay the crew instead, the pay fly slower which conserves fuel.

How? i tried doing a long haul in a 787 to Victoria
Australia and i had to land at Lax because it said i had not enough fuel in red. From JFK

The 787x (Plane I used) can do about 19 hours If you step climb.

For EWR-SIN, 16:54
For SIN-EWR, 17:16
All at M 0.85

Flight time is wheels up to wheels down. Block time is the moment the aircraft starts moving until parking at the arrival gate or stand. Just wanted to clarify that.

Cost index at work.

Keep in mind that loaded with the minimum fuel required for the trip by regulations, your fuel readout will display red for around the first half of the flight, if not longer. As fuel burns and the aircraft gets lighter, less thrust is required to maintain steady flight so your fuel flow will gradually decrease over time. There are many great tutorials here on the IFC concerning flight planning that you can peruse.

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