KEWR to WSSS in 5 pictures!

After the 19.4 update was released I immediately knew what flight I wanted to do and that was KEWR to WSSS! Before I jumped straight into the flight I had to figure out what was the best time to do it.

I live in the UK so I decided it was best to take off in the evening so that it would be about midday in New York and then when it came to landing it would be late morning in the UK and the evening in Singapore which means I could get some great approach screenshots! Anyways let’s begin!

Departing out of KEWR just after midday!

Cruising over the NW of Greenland. It may look like midnight but its only about half 4pm! The sun doesn’t rise in the winter when we’re this far north! At this point I also went to sleep to pass a lot of the time away.

Woke up to cruising over southern China. It is the late afternoon with about 90minutes left of the flight!

Lining up Runway 2L.

Arrived and parked up at WSSS just shy of 7pm!


Server: Training
Departure time: just after midday (KEWR)
Arrival time: Just before 7pm (WSSS)
Flight time: 17hours 40minutes


I like the last 3 shots, it shows your creativity!

Nice pics! Currently flying SQ22 (WSSS-KEWR), landing in a few hours. It’s a crazy long flight!

Thanks! The last 3 is where I could edit more. The first 2 were not the best.

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Thanks! It is a really long flight but it went surprisingly quick for me. I just past a lot of the time away by sleeping, going out and watching YouTube!