KEWR Spotting From November 10

Hello Guys! I always forgot to upload these photos but I went spotting on an extra windy day at newark and got some awesome shots!


image image image image image image !


Can you edit, re-upload, and wait and check preview that your photo is uploaded.


I did and they were

Fixed it! can you double check and make sure it works?

Yes, they worked but remember it is limit up to 10 photos for #real-world-aviation:spotting and they are lovely photos.

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thanks! I will get rid of a few now.

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Great photos Jackson! Just a question, how do you get the pictures so in focus?

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I have a canon 80D. the autofocus is insane!

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My camera’s autofocus is terrible. That’s probably why. Even when the plane is focused in the pic, it comes out wayy out of focus that i can’t even see the reg…

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Never use auto focus when spotting.

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I usually get lucky because i’m very up close.

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this photo was taken with my phone using no zoom. So my camera usually focuses well enough. (this photo was backlit and in the car)


Wow great pics.
Focus is spot on, feels like u you are using my “special” camera (Cannon 6D)

Just remember to limit to 10 pics for rwa

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What are the squares on pictures 16 and 25?

what do you mean?

Little blue/green squares.

oh. It’s a glitch that sometimes happens when uploading the photos from lightroom

Oh, ok, thanks. I’m out of likes, but I really like them so I will like them tomorrow!

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thanks! have a great night!

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