KEWR-RJAA on a United Airlines B777-200ER

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I recently did a flight from Newark (KEWR) to Tokyo (RJAA) in the United B772. The flight was nice and uneventful until the end where 34kts of crosswind forced me to go around. This flight took me over the beautiful Canadian, Alaskan, and Japanese scenery.

Flight Information

Callsign: UVAL313 Heavy
Server: Expert
Aircraft: United Airlines B772
Flight Time: 13 hours 7 minutes

Here are the pictures:

At the gate, waiting for pushback clearance while the sun rises in Newark.


Cockpit view while we bank to the left on our departure out of KEWR.

Reached cruise

After an uneventful cruise, we begin to see the northernmost part of Japan.

Beginning our descent as the sun starts to set.

Turning onto final after having to go around on the first attempt.

Winds are better, but still a strong crosswind.

Gear finally hits the runway. It wasn’t a pretty landing, but decent considering the winds.

Parked at the gate in Japan.

Thanks for viewing! Please reply with any questions, comments, or concerns!


Great job! Love the pictures. ;)


Wow Yoshi! Amazing pictures, you amaze me with your photography skills everyday! I look forward to more of these! What snacks were offered on today’s flight?

@Shane you keep commenting before I do 😂.

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Very beautiful😍


Thank you for the kind words @Shane, @JarrettFlies and @stm.aviation !!

As for the snacks… I’m not sure. I wasn’t offered any in the cockpit which was a disappointment. I’ll have to get that changed for my next flight. Possibly a multi-course meal for us pilots…


I recommend endless stroopwaffle. I’ve also had United’s gritz and steak, it was quite good!

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Did you takeoff with 100% power? Haha, great shots :)

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Really beautiful !

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@Luke_King-kong and @Raveesh thank you!!

Looking at it now, yeah I might have used a little too much power.

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