Route - KEWR🇺🇸-NZAA🇳🇿
Aircraft - Boeing 787-9
Livery - Air New Zealand (Air New Zealand 1)
Server - Expert
Total Flight - 17hrs 40mins
Distance - 7660nm

Taking off runway 4L at about 3pm EST.

Going over Cabo San Lucas about 5 hours in, last time seeing land until New Zealand.

First glimpse of land in about 12 hours, nearing Whangapoua.

Touching down runway 23L, at 1am NZST after 17hrs 40mins of flight time.

This route from Newark, NJ to Auckland, NZ is set to being service in October of 2020. It will become the 3rd longest flight overtaking Perth-London. This also means that Auckland would have 2 of the top 3 longest flights in the world. Hope you enjoyed these photos.


Wow, 17 hours and 40 minutes is impressive. Nice pictures, and have a good day!

I thought you flew to NZAA?

The time zone for New Zealand is New Zealand Standard Time (NZST). For clarification.

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Oh. That makes sense.

That’s a long flight, hope it goes ahead with the current state of the world.