KEWR ILS 22L & 22R Localizer Issues

Good evening everyone! Hope you’re all having a great holiday season so far.

Just wanted to report and see if anyone else has experienced issues with the localizers on both runways 22L and 22R at Newark Liberty International (KEWR) recently?

The last several times that I’ve tried to shoot an approach using the approach mode it seems that the plane seriously over exaggerates the localizer interception and basically chases the localizer back and forth all the way down the glide slope. I’ve come in on a few different aircraft and usually do an interception between 170 - 180 kts and at degrees no more then 20 degrees deviation from the localizer heading like you’re supposed to. I’ve even come in on runway heading from like 20 miles out right on the centerline and as soon as I press APPR it takes a dive to the right for some reason and does the back and forth chase!

I haven’t experienced it on any other approach at other airports and the localizers on the 4L and 4R side haven’t ever given me trouble. Most recently it’s been in the 787-10 and the CRJ. Just wanted to see if anyone else had noticed this or it may just be me doing something funky!

Thank you in advance!

Are you activating APPR before you intercept the localizer, or after you manually line yourself up with the runway?

What works for me:

  • fly at 180 knots indicated and at a 30° heading relative to the runway, 12-15 miles out
  • when stable, activate APPR. Nothing should change, but the LOC and GS indicators on APPR should flash.
  • eventually, LOC will turn green and you may see a small turn. The plane will then turn to align with the runway.

I tried to reproduce with the aircraft and locations provided, no issues on my end.

I must be doing something funky then! As long as it’s working fine for others

I usually try to intercept and line up with the runway at least 10 miles out before selecting APPR, but it’s dove off the localizer and did the fishtail chase even then once or twice, it’s so strange!

It sounds like you’re activating APPR too late. Try this when approaching 22L or 22R at KEWR:

  • Fly 30° off runway heading (so either 190 or 250 if the runway heading is 220, like here). Aim for the very end of the cone.
  • Fly level at 2,500-3,000 feet above the airport elevation. For KEWR, 2,500-3,000 MSL will work.
  • While you’re flying at heading 190 (or 250), altitude level at 3,000, and speed of 180 knots, but before you are near the cone, press APPR. You should still be 12-15 miles out, and the LOC and GS icons on APPR should flash.
  • Sit tight! Eventually the LOC icon will turn green. The plane will align with the runway.
  • The GS icon will turn green and the plane will start to descend.

I’ll try activating my APPR a bit earlier then, thank you for the suggestions!

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Cool, let me know how it works :)

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