kevinspellman ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Closed, thank you.

See you soon.

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Hey there!

Please make sure to format your title correctly. The correct title format should have been:

kevinspellman ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN @OMDB]

Just make sure to set it to [CLOSED] when you are done controlling and [OPEN] when you are back live.


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Done, thanks


Heya, that was me just now at OMDB, great work on the pattern instructions, although the replies, especially when I asked you for a transition, were quite slow.
Nethertheless, a little bit of practice, and you will be of really great calibre, I can see it in you now,

Hope to see you soon!
IFATC 2003iggy

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Hey! So the delay on transition was because I didn’t have the option my ATC interface to reply to the transition for some reason. Was debating how to reply. Considered “ask for intentions” to reset it.


I’ll fly some patterns

Nice work! Although I would recommend changing some people to different runways if it is too much

Thanks! LGA is a challenge. I appreciate you taking the time.

Great job with the pattern work! I was GHOST Heavy, it was a busy time but you did great! I would just recommend giving a 1) pattern instruction if necessary 2) sequence the aircraft 3) clear them for the option or to land! That’s the book I follow and they teach on their youtube channel! Look forward to stopping by again!

You did well given it was busy. You eventually made use of the extend downwind and call your base in order to build space for departures. There were a lot of go-around but you got the hang of it in the end. Your sequencing and clearences were all good and in good time. Pattern entries good. I only noticed two mistakes: 1) you asked me to enter right downwind for 31 after my transition - that should have been left. 2) you have me exit command as soon as I landed. This should not be given until the aircraft has slowed to 60kts or less (unless it’s a tiny GA then shower than that). All in all, I’m impressed. Just another thought, if you want to build space for departures you can give the downwind a 360 for spacing command that will reduce your workload.

Thanks @GHOST_Heavy and @Michael_O_Sullivan, I really appreciate your feedback. I had fun! 'til next time, good day.

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