Kevinsoto1502 ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

Hello everyone Kevin here. This is my official ATC Tracking thread and I will be controlloing on the training server for any recruiters and any pilots who want to fly around. Notice I am trying to make each controlling session as professional as possible for the training server in aspects of creating a fun and learning environment. So please respect the ATC responses at all times please and thank you. :)


Currently Online PANC - Training server

FYI there is an event at PANC in 5 minutes.

Yup it is!!! Come :)

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Iā€™m imprisoned at school right now so I cant make it, sorry.

No problem all good!

Ok first of all before I announce closure, Whoever was the Unknown a PANC im sorry I did not respond to you but Infinite Flight refered to you as unknown nothing I could have done!

PANC is now offline good day

KFLL Is now online!!!

Ok. Spawning in now.

Closed - Phone trouble

Currently open at KLAS on TS1 for about half an hour!

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