Kevin_Potthast ATC Training Thread

As many others have been doing this is my ATC thread. All ATC will be on TS1 and the exact location will be said once I open up.

Constructive criticism:
Please format your responses in the following format
What I did well + examples
What I need to work on + examples
What I can do to fix my mistakes.

Thank you everybody and happy landings.

The best way to get correct feedback from anyone is to contact the ATC Training Team. We’re always willing to help.


Actually sorry, I have to go.

Ok I am opening up at KRSW on TS1 in the SoFlo region, come on out everybody!

You’re good over all, i didn’t test you on other aspects just the pattern. You had that southwest waiting for a while because of me, tell me to extend downwind so it puts space between the arrival and the departure. You cleared me to land after you cleared me for the option because i called full stop. Option covers landing, touch and go, low pass, inverted flying 20 feet above the runway, crashing on the runway, blowing up the runway! Ok you get what i mean just dont clear twice just because i call full stop! Otherwhise great work, fix these errors and you’re good! See ya.

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Oh ok, that makes sense. Now one quick question: do I only give pattern entry to aircraft arriving from another airport? and thank you for coming out too.

Pattern entry is for runway changes and aircraft requesting landing/touch and go from another airport. It is not required for an aircraft in the pattern. Just sequence if it applies and clear.

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Ok, thank you, that clears things up.

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