KetanSanghvi's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ [Practical Passed]

Hi. Have applied for IFATC & wanted to request folks to check me out. Am controlling ground & tower. Would like to be tested on all aspects, particularly patterns with multiple aircraft. Would very much appreciate your feedback

Thought I’d try out a different airport for today: (Sacramento International)

Server: Training

Will try & be there for:




Hey I need to do pattern work in a 737 for SWVA, can I come by and do that?

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Sure. Please

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Sorry something is coming up… tag me next session

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Sure. Will do so. Thanks.

@Ketan_Sanghvi Could I get some feedback on my flying?

Am still on for another 30mins approx. Till 14.30Z.

Sure from ATC angle, was ok. I think that updating on pattern position is not mandatory, especially when you’re alone. Maybe at a crowded airport…

You informed me well in time that you were going to make a full stop, so I could give you the exit command in time.

All ok from my point of view.

Any feedback about my controlling? Did you notice any errors or any delays or unnecessary or missed commands? I’m learning so would very much love people fly & offer feedback so that I can minimize errors with practice.

Thanks once again for flying at KDAL today. Looking forward to seeing you in the future.

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As far as you go the ATC was perfect, I really found no errors.

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Thank you.

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I can’t stop by today, but please do tag me whenever you open again

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Really? Do you have any ATC experience or are you just going off of what you know. No offense.

Sure, will do so. Thanks.

Not much experience apart from reading the manual, taking a practice written test & trying my hand at controlling a few airports on TS. Idea of this thread is to pick up some formal practice & get drilled for the various aspects in preparation for the written & practical test.

No offense taken at all Noah. All in the interest of learning.


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Have you applied for IFATC yet?

Have wait out till July as I got a level 2 violation a little while back. Thought I’d get some practice till then.

Oof, that sucks.

Yes, but part of the learning experience :-)

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Thanks to everyone who came by in this session. Am taking a break for about 30 mins to an hour. Will try & be back after that. Will update the thread.

If there is any other airport that you would suggest I try, please let me know.

Have you taken the practice test?