Ketan_Sanghvi's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Dear Pilots & Controllers,

With the permission of my trainer, I’m starting a tracking thread for radar training on the training server. During various phases of the training, I would like to practice my skills for different types of approaches (ILS, Visual, RV, GPS) with airports in different types of terrain & with/ without STARS. I’ll specify the airport, runway(s), the type(s) of approach & the start & end time for each session.

I’d like to request your help in helping me improve my skills by visiting these sessions & also offering your feedback at the end of your visit.

Thanks in advance.

Ketan Sanghvi

Today’s session:

Date: 13 Oct 2021
Airport: EGSS
Runway: 22
Approach: ILS (radar patterns or inbound from nearby airport)
Start time: 09.45Z
End time: 10.45Z


Hi, coming!

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Thanks to everyone who came at short notice & offered their feedback. Was a little surprised at the quick response, but loved it. 🙏


Wonderful learning experience.


Do tag me next time! I will attend as soon as I can!

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Tag me next

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Sheesh you’re already starting radar training, I remember helping you become IFATC. You’re getting better and better everyday 😭

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Always, appreciation for you & everyone who has helped me till here 🙏

Tag me in ur next session will be glad if i can help you too here

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Date: Friday 15th October, Today (Happy Dussehra)
Airport: LIRA on TS
Runway: 15
Approach: ILS, VIS, RV
Start time: 12.30Z
End time: 13.30Z

Request: Terrain to the East & South & North. Please try inbounds from these directions. Alternately, you can do radar patterns.


Pl offer your feedback at the end of the session.
Thanks in advance.