Kestrel Callsign

On Thursday I flew from Manchester to Athens in a TCX B767, (which still has the Globe livery) and while choosing a callsign i noticed that the Kestrel callsign has been removed. Is it just my device or has Infinite Flight just moved on with the times?
(Notice how Monarch still exists though??)

Hey. For us to see the photo please remove the Example

Because it was changed IRL:

(And while they still operate, Monarch does not. So, it’s not that surprising that they would maintain the current callsign for a still-functional airline while leaving the retro one as is, since it’s meant to be used on the retro Monarch livery.)

If you don’t feel like reading the link:

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Thanks, so IF only changed it because TCX got a new callsign 👍🏽

Done :)
Its just a Thomas Cook 767 at EGCC

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