Kerosene rate

Just simple question: How to know the amount of kerosene needed for a flight in relation to the weight of the aircraft🥲?

Did you mean fuel?

Depends on how many passengers (PAX) and cargo you have. I recommend using Simbrief, which does the calculations for you by taking into account passengers and cargo weight. You can sign up with the link below. Let me know of that helps.

Some features require purchase but are not required for basic use.

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I didn’t know you could also use it for IF. But I already have a SimBrief account. Thank you so much for your help!

Here’s a tutorial:

Input your departure and arrival airport.

Choose the aircraft your flying (not all aircraft are supported)

Press the Generate button on the top left to generate your briefing

The load sheet will have the information you need.

The block fuel is the amount of fuel you configure onto the aircraft. Let me know if that helps.


Could you also use the flight time to calculate your fuel also ?

As you can see the flight time is 1:17 & block fuel is 9,473 , are they the same ?

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No, load the block fuel.

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