Kenya Airways Faces “Imminent Collapse,” Planes At Risk Of Being Repossessed

Now with all this good news, which is amazing, I’d hate to be the downer in the room. But I have too share this with you. Africa airlines aren’t very successful, excluding Ethiopian. Kenyan And SAA now are two airlines that are in the gutters. Although SAA I think will make a come back. This is sad as Kenyan has very cheap fares, and a lot of destinations in Africa.

So this definitely isn’t a good year for aviation, Monarch, Alitalia, SAA, And AirBerlin plus more.

Take a read for yourself, And share your opinions.

Sorry @Kizzair


From what I read, Kenya Airways has a debt of Sh142.34 billion ($1.23B USD)

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Yup, it’s bad. Very bad.

It’s such a bummer. Both Monarch and Kenya Airways have suffered from recent terror attacks at their destinations

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and the DOT just allowed them to fly to the United States…

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Sad to see them being close to collapse…

Hope, they‘ll be able to get out of this somehow…


I hope they are able to pull through this as well. What a shame…

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I love their 788s… please don’t die Kenya Airways. Africa doesn’t have many large airlines like you, and they need you to fly all across the continent. Give Ethiopian some competition!


Ooh dear. No good. 😰

Atialia and airberlin fell this year? Wow I need to keep up with this stuff

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`It’s a mess at KQ although Mikosz is trying to fix it. They’ll terminate Hong Kong and Hanoi later this month so that they can have enough Dreamliners available. And while they try to fix things, some banks are trying to delay the restructuring process.
Things just don’t look god for them in the meantime.

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Good grief. This is like the depression era for Airlines.

Its a question we don’t want to be answered…
Whether its a merger or bankruptcy, its who is next?..
When the day comes and united will be gone i will cry.

I don’t want another airline disappearing into infinite nothingness. It’s sad enough monarch’s gone.

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I agree with you all. Hopefully they can pull through it.

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