Kenya Airways Embraer E190 900th E-Jet livery


MSN 577
4.8 Yrs old as of August 2017
Engines: 2X GE CF34-10E6

Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways is the flagship airline of Kenya with a wide range of destinations in its own network and through its SKYTEAM partners. The airline operates the most modern fleet within African skies and beyond consisting of E190s, 737s and 787-8s.

Like most other E190s in their fleet, this aircraft operates short-haul ops from Nairobi to various African and Gulf destinations like Jeddah.

This aircraft is really beautiful and deserves to be in Infinite Flight.

Great to see in the features that Kenya Airways livery . It feet really the Embraer.


That is a very good livery. Kenya Airways’ livery is truly stunning. I miss their B77Ws 😭


Lovely livery, would be great for an ERJ rework ;)


I have to bump this one again. It’s a great livery(though the 900th E-Jet decals have been removed for some time now) and it would look nice in the sim and be good for exploring Africa.

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Just remembered about this. Imagine a livery that would open up many routes ranging from Kilimanjaro to Mauritius to Cape Town, all this while looking as neat as it is and with that special decal. As part of the E-jets rework, this could come especially since it’s part of the largest E-190 fleet in Africa!

Bumping it again. It would be a good livery for connecting Africa, complementing the existing 737-800.

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Out of votes so I’m bumping it

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Oh yeah. We NEED this. I can finally fly realistically to FMCZ!!!

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