Kenya Airways Boeing 777-300ER


I feel obliged to bump this request. With the 20.2 update progressing well, why not have this livery implemented 😉


With Africa being featured by extension in tonight’s FNF, why not have such a livery for future African FNF events 😏

I haven’t been able to look at beta to check if the livery has been added. Anywho, we really need another African 777 besides Egyptair and Ethiopian, and this livery fits all the criteria 😉

I have installed Beta. The Kenya 77W has not been added

Kenya airways 773 has not been added sorry guys

There’s always a next time. Hopefully in 20.3 😉


Another month, another opportunity to promote a forgotten livery.


With an update on the way, it would be great if this great livery could be slipped in. Like who wouldn’t want to fly this into EHAM and EGLL among other routes ?

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