Kenya Airways Boeing 777-300ER

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#About Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways, one of the largest Sub-Saharan African airlines is the flagship airline of Kenya🇰🇪. The airline was established in 1977 with a Boeing 707-320 leased from British Midlands International(BMI) which would operate KQ’s first flight which was NBO-FRA-LHR.
The airline is 26.73% owned by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and 29.8% by the Treasury(Ministry of finance of the Kenyan Government)

#KQ’s Boeing 777-300er fleet
The airline operated three 77Ws, two leased from GECAS and one bought from Boeing. The airline sub leased its 77W fleet to Turkish Airlines due to financial difficulties and low load factors on 777 flights

Boeing 777-36N(ER) 5Y-KZZ - TC-LKA when sub-leased to TK
Boeing 777-36N(ER) 5Y-KZY - TC-LKB when sub-leased to TK

Bought from Boeing
Boeing 777-3U8(ER) 5Y-KZX - TC-LKC when sub-leased to TK

#Boeing 777-300(ER) specifications
Crew: Two pilots
Seating configuration: 27C 273Y (Kenya Airways seating)
MTOW: 351,533KG
Length: 73.86m
Wingspan: 64.8m
Wing sweep: 31.6°
Wing area: 436.8m2
Aspect ratio: 9.04
Tail height: 18.5m
Cabin width: 5.84m
Seat width Y class: 18.5 in 9-abreast(Kenya Airways config)
Fuselage width: 6.20m
Takeoff run MTOW SL: 3050m
Range at MTOW 13,650m
Engines and thrust: General Electric GE90-115B1(115,300ibf|513Kn)
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######Data adopted from Wikipedia

So, what do you think about the Boeing 777 in Kenya Airways livery?

Wow. Lovely livery. I never knew they had 777s. Out of votes sadly ☹️


Its a really really nice livery. The picture looks like the plane has just gotten out of cleaning. It looks so shiny and clean. Wonderful liver. Those red red red engine though 😍😍


I think will be nice to have more African liveries.


Do you know if they might get them back at some point? I really want to see them back in the skies. Such a good livery. Stunning, I have to say.

Sebastien Mikosz said that the chances of getting them back are low but he is also interested in getting more 787s in the future.

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I think with Africa now fully covered with 15m satellite imagery, this livery would really thrive.


I have to give this request a bump. An African 777-300ER would be nice especially one that’s inviting to the eyes😍


what you type it wrong😂

I wish I could correct it though

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This aircraft connected Africa to the rest of the world(until 2015, though they might come back to KQ next year). It’s such a perfect livery for the 777. Please vote for a beautiful livery.

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Bumping this one too.

Kenya Airways has operated 7 777s in their history among them these 3 777-300ERs which were short lived in their fleet and currently operate for Turkish Airlines and are rumoured to be returning to Kenya Airways in the course of the year or 2020.

In my opinion, I think this was/is a unique livery for the 777-300ER. It would look very beautiful in the sim and complement the 787-8 on long-haul routes from HKJK.

Vote now🙂

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It’s time. The 777 won the vote. It will be worked on soon. Fairly speaking, this is the best moment to get this livery in the sim. While at Kenya Airways, the 777-300ERs operated flights to Amsterdam and Heathrow as well as Guangzhou initially and Mumbai.

This one would complement the 787 opening up new long haul routes and creating diversity in the livery selection.

Vote 😉

With no signs of them returning to the fleet soon, this livery could still become a possibility with the 777 rework enabling it complement its smaller sister, the 787-8.

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Just wanted to give this a bump. There are no African 77W liveries. This would be a sweet addition if implemented

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I’m kenyan myself so I’m keen to see more of my national carrier shown


7 votes, let’s get this one to 10.

We’re now at 8, two more we hit 10 😁

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I thought we made progress, oh well, 3 more to go.

Turkish Airlines has parked the jets with rumours circulating that the planes might return to KQ sooner than expected.

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Seems like the community is allergic to beautiful liveries. This one will complement the Dreamliner operating flights to Schipol, Heathrow and Guangzhou.

A perfect candidate for the 777-300ER with its eventual rework.