Kenya Airways 767 liveries

Hi there! I’d like to bring up one of the neglected widebody jets in IF, the 767. This amazing airframe was the backbone of many fleets when it was in its peak demand, looking at you LOT Polish Airlines, when it’s time for this aircraft to be reworked I hope this livery comes.

In Africa one of the largest operators was Kenya Airways. They had both retro and newer livery painted on all their 767’s, 11 in total, through their time with the airline. In KQ they were used on routes to London and Amsterdam. In a perfect world I’d like both old and new liveries. Even though they don’t fly them anymore.

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons


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OK I’ll remove one

Bumping this! It would definitely unlock a lot of 767 routes within and out of Africa.

@IFAddict don’t forget to vote on your request. We need a 767 rework.

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