Kenya Airways 757 livery


Given the announcement of 20.3 and the 757 rework I thought I’d add some livery suggestions for the 757 from Africa. Starting with:

Kenya Airways 757-

Hey @IFAddict!

There is already a request for this livery although the thread is over 2 years old. I’d recommend contacting (PMing) a moderator before creating a new one.

Kenya Airways Boeing Co. 757-200

This livery has some nice retro vibes to it 😊


Oh I didn’t notice it. I’ll have a look. Thanks


I’ve closed the other one that is two years old and inactive. Feel free to continue in this one!


@IFAddict don’t forget to chime in with your own vote. Tujivunie…

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I would prefer liveries that still exist. I have to admit, that its quite impossible on this aircraft lol

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I’m voting for this. We need more liveries besides the normal United, Delta, AA and British Airways.


The 757 has been largely retired from many airlines’ fleets, so I would expect many defunct liveries to be added.


I am aware of that fact, but exactly that makes it so hard to understand for me, why the devs would pick this aircraft for a rework, if there are literally no operators left, especially in Europe

It had the highest votes as the A330 rework topic had been temporarily closed.

Maybe but I don’t get what benefit it would bring them in regards to future customers, if they see a plane got added with only not existing liveries…

The team tries to accomodate as many users as possible. The votes did all the talking in this case.

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Imo most only saw the physics of the plane, and in that regard it’s definitely worth a rework, but regarding attraction of liveries and for future customers it’s not the right decision in my opinion


We really need a classic touch for this aircraft and this livery has the potential to deliver this.


Exactly my thoughts. Plus it adds to the range in Africa

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Amen brother! All the way. If they add this I can forgive IF for not adding the 772 or 773

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Love the retro!