Kenya Airways πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ 737-800NG Livery

Hi I recently reached TL2 and have been waiting a while to request this.
Personally I believe that the KQ livery is probably one of or the most beautiful liveries in IF and aviation. We already have the livery for the majestic 787-8 but I think the 737 livery would be a fine addition.
I know there might not be a 737 rework for a while but I hope the developers can make do.

Credit: in photo

That looks like a good livery to me, but I don’t have any votes πŸ™


Sorry to burst your bubble but there is a topic about this already.

You can leave a vote here😊


Oh sorry!
Mods please close this.

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Welcome to TL2! Search is your friend.