Kentucky/Ohio Region

I think we should add a Kentucky/Ohio region. This could have airports like Louisville, Cincinatti, Cleveland, etc. Is this a good idea?


Would be cool, by the way, this post belongs in #features

You from Ohio? I am…let’s not forget wright Patterson AFB or Akron canton…or all the municipals! Burke lakefront…

Would be awesome to have dude :)

I’m from southern Indiana and go to Louisville Int’l when I go to airports. So, let’s not forget SDF! (Or Bowman Field (LOU)) I’ve only flown out of CVG once, but it was awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to Wright Patterson AFB, but they are currently renovating and might go afterward. I think this would be a big and great region if it stretched from Louisville all the way to Cleveland or Akron/Canton. This would also be a good region to fly ERJ/CRJ aircraft! Anyone agree with me here?

CVG, CMH, SDF, all good airports. Great idea to give love to the midwest

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Maybe even throw in KSTL? Huge region but? Worth a shot!

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STL is too far away from CVG, region would be gigantic. Even IND is pushing it

STL could work with an MCI region but that’s for a different topic.

Yeah, I agree! I fly to STL a lot, great place with great people!

What about Indiana!? Can’t forget us Hoosiers!

We need to tell a developer! We could make a Midwest region as a step towards global flight! We could include Chicago, Akron/Canton, Cleveland, Cincinatti, St. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, and as many of the airports in between as they can! I know this probably won’t happen, but does everyone like this? I do! Then we could do actual flights that real airlines do. (ex. MDW-SDF on SWA) Try to get a developer (like Matt) to see if this is possible.

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The developers will see it :)

You sure they will see this?

(Developers please egknowlege if you see this and if you think it’s a good idea!)

This would be so awesome! Glad other people agree with me!

I think they have some more important stuff to do, but they will

The developers will see it. Trust me. This probably won’t be coming anytime soon, but if you were to add Kentucky and Ohio there would need to be an Indy part because it’s all in the same ARTCC. (Turn up your brightness, it’s a bit dark)


They could also add in the new Airbus plant that is around that area!!! It is the first Airbus plant in America. They will be making the A320 family. :)

I used to live in Louisville; Lexington now!