KennedyTurner’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

How long are you open? I’ll try to come by if my cell service allows it (currently making my way back to civilization after a random road trip that my parents wanted to do for no reason 😂 )

I’ll be open for the next 20 mins

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If you stay open a little longer I will join

RIP cell service but I’m on my way.

My cell service is on and off, but I should be good in a minute.

I’m joining be there soon

Good ATC service. I can’t think of anything right now, but I’ll review the replay and see if there’s anything that should be fixed.

Great job!

Apologies for leaving so abruptly, I had to get to a training session. :)


  • Transition: Much too high, airfield elevation allows for a transition altitude of about 3000. 5000 is almost out of your airspace.
  • Inbound Procedures: Always remember to give a pattern entry, sequence if applicable and then clear. When I called inbound, you immediately cleared me for the option.
  • General Patternwork: Don’t tell me to make XX traffic on every clearance. You did it on the first clearance, which is enough. No need to tell me again once you’ve stated it in the initial clearance.
  • General Patternwork Pt 2: Clearances shouldn’t be given on base. Try to clear on crosswind or early downwind if possible.
  • General Patternwork Pt 3: Not sure why you cleared me to land on the last circuit. Be sure to remember what your pilots are doing.

I noticed some other issues with the other pilots, but I’m sure they’ll include it in their responses. Thanks for opening, and keep practicing. You’ll get the hang of it soon!


Etihad 844

  • i taxied through the grass 4 times, and you only caught one of those.
  • after my first takeoff, i was not given any sequence
  • When i called inbound for touch and go, you cleared me to land i should’ve been cleared for the option
  • When i was landing on Runway 17 i was not given a landing clearance.
  • When i did land your runway exit was wayyyy too early, i didnt even touched the runway, those should come around 70knts
  • and when i did taxi through the grass after landing you caught it really late, as i was already off the grass.
    Its the little things, other than that it was fine for me.


I didn’t stay for long because I think you need to work quite a bit on the theory explained in the IFATC manual. You should also look at the tutorial videos attached directly below by link.


  1. I requested transition after taking off at a nearby airport. You approved me at 3,500 incorrectly. You should have cleared me at 3,000ft since airport elevation is 150ft. Remember, it virtually always is the following: airport elevation (rounded up to the nearest 500ft) + 2,500ft = transition.
  2. When I informed you I was inbound for touch and go, you gave me no pattern entry. You just cleared me, instantly, for the option at a confusing-to-get-to runway (the runway I was closer to and more lined up for the downwind would’ve been better). Well done for adding a direction to that clearance at least.
  3. I left after you told someone to exit the runway when they were not only at 140kn but on short final. They were 300ft in the air and being told to exit the runway. Why would you do this?

You need to focus on the theory before jumping into practice. I’ve attached useful resources for this at the top of this thread.

When you do, at the appropriate time, restart training practice (after focusing on theory quite a bit), you should choose a better airport. You should work at an airport with parallel runways like KADW or KSEA. This is where you’ll train best and receive a realistic situation for your IFATC practical exam.


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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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Hi THere,
I was N428OP and did a couple patterns. My observations:

  • On my initial takeoff, the takeoff instruction was good, however, once I was airborne, I didn’t receive a sequence. I
  • You did tell me (and the aircraft ahead) that you’ll call our respective bases. Instead of then issuing a “turn base” instruction, you sent a pattern entry instruction to enter right-base.
  • When I was on final, I was not given a go-around even though I was ~1 nm from the traffic ahead. Additionally, this was where T-AIPEI and I would have collided if I didn’t go-around. Don’t be afraid to send aircraft on a go-around if a conflict is being created.
  • I wasn’t given a runway exit instruction when I stopped, keep an eye out for that even if they don’t indicate a full-stop.

I agree with some of the other feedback to pick airports with parallel runways to practice and review the IFC ATC tutorials. Keep up the practice and you can get there.

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Thanks. About the go around, Etihad 844 was in front of you, and I issued him 3 go around instructions, all of which he ignored, so I sort of got scared and told T-AIPEI to go around right before the near-miss.

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@KennedyTurner i received no Go arounds

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Sorry, not you, I meant whoever was 107KAI3.

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Tower and Ground open at KMEM!

Im going man!

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So, i was A-LOPEZ, i have a list of observations:

  • You send me a sequence, number 2, traffic to follow is on final, for runway 18C, without giving me a pattern entry, because i take off runway 18R,you have to send me a pattern entry, then a sequence and a clearance.
  • You should send all traffic to the same address to avoid conflicts when you have more traffic.
  • And when I land, you never give me an exit, this must have been when I was 70 kts, but it was never sent.
    I recommend to you read the atc manual and the atc tutorial videos.
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Thanks for the feedback!

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