KennedyTurner’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello! I plan on submitting an application to IFATC on Saturday, March 21, 2020 (My 14th birthday). Until then, my goal is to hit 1000 ATC operations! I am currently at 774. Please come and drop by, and any feedback is appreciated either here or in a PM.


I’m open on ground at EGLL! Come drop by!

Controlling EGLL on TS is not a very good idea since it is very crowded. Consider controlling a more isolated airport like… EVRA?

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Sure. I’ll open up at EVRA Tower and Ground.

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You should know do pattern before

Hey Kennedy! Long time no see.

I’d recommend KSSC, KFAT, or LFBO, since they are commonly used for the IFATC practical.

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I approve of opening EVRA 👍


What are you trying to say? He was controlling ground at the time of your post.

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I don’t know what happened, I was gone for 3 minutes. All I have to say is that Tower and Ground is open on TS at EVRA😂

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I’m currently cooking dinner, so I can’t come.

See you next time!

It’s emptier here than EGLL, so I might go back to controlling there.

Departure and Approach open at San Fran!

Patience, people will come

20 minutes isn’t a great time to get antsy and go back to crowded airspace.

NorCal isn’t crowded at all right now. Also, I just didn’t want to sit at EVRA for 20 Minutes without any aircraft. You have to remember that this isn’t ES, so people usually go towards the more popular airspaces.

You need to know,airport like KSFO,KLAX,EGLL usally have trolls, so the small airport is the most useful to training. As @Tsumia said,20 min isn’t a great time to get antsy and go back to crowded airspace.

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Strange. Everyone I’m controlling right now is listening to my instructions

Ye,but usually have troll. Have a good control

Ground and Tower are open at KLGA on TS!

Was about to takeoff for a flight and completely forgot, whoops. Coming by now. :)