Kennedy to Logan

Just a quick hop up to Boston on Delta’s Babybus A319 on the training server. KJFK-KBOS, Delta 1239, total of 57 minutes.


Some awesome shots!

P.S. the Babybus is the A318…


Nice shots!

@Mags885 I’ve always heard the A319 called the babybus.

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Its wrong, but each to their own. I will leave you with this 1 thought - if the A319 is the BABY bus, what is the A318? The Foetus Bus? 😂


The A318 is so rare that the A319 is also the babybus.

318 is the baby bus.
319: the battle bus😂

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A318/9’s are both indeed known as a “BabyBus”

Great shots I too will try out that route I especially liked picture 1

Thanks! I love flying into KBOS. I also enjoy KDCA-KBOS

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Always wanted to fly the Babybus such a cute airplane😊😂

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Lovely shots! Thx for sharing