Kendell Airlines Saab 340A/340B

With the dramatic increase of popularity of props in Infinite Flight, the Saab 340 would be an ideal aircraft for medium range regional flights. This is another Kendell Airlines (Ansett Australia subsidiary) livery request (new livery). Was made into REX Reguonal Express along with Hazelton Airlines.

Photo credit to Victor Pody
Ansett Australia’s other subsidiary’s livery below


Can you stop spamming?

Something I wanted to link here.


Like @dush19 said @EdT you got to realize the many great ideas people just there lots of them so we have to go slowly so be patient this is a good idea though 👍🏻


Patience is a Virtue, and so is being satisfied with what you have.

Likelihood is that if there are less feature requests, devs may be able to do more, and maybe want to do more (I do not know this, just an assumption)

Overloading them with requests, as stated in the topic Dush linked will make them feel that all the work they have done is not appreciated.