Ken_wei’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi all, I decide to do some ATC Ops today because I want to get some more practice with ATC

Airport: N/A
Frequency: N/A
runways: N/A
Time: N/A

Do you want I to come?

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Yeah, that’s be great

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I’ll attend and give some feedback!

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can’t attend finally have something to do but if you stay open for 10 more minutes I can come in 2

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Thanks to those who attended

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Hello @Ken_wei, thanks for your time today. Please read my feedback and let me know if you have any questions! Im always happy to help! However, we have a lot to work on. Lets discuss this together and open another tracking thread so we can help you improve for your IFATC practical, if you plan on taking the exam.

  1. Missed ground conflict: @Yukiros_31 requested pushback the same time I did. The proper command is to either hold position or give way to aircraft on left/right
  2. Missed ground conflict: Never assume that pilots will give way to one another, @Yukiros_31 almost crashed into me. Ground awareness is just as important as tower. You should have told one aircraft to give way to another. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE HOLD POSITION as substitution for give way!
  3. Transition altitude: Transition is determined by airport elevation, separation between aircraft, and the type of aircraft. Airport elevation is 576 + 1000 (separation) and jets fly at 1500. Transition should have been 3500 (Always round up)
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Pattern entry: Every aircraft without radar/radar clearance requires a pattern entry. When i requested the transition, the correct message should have been: Enter right downwind runway XX behind the traffic on XXX.
  5. SEQUENCING and clearing: You did not sequence me to follow any aircraft, if you fail to sequence consistently, you fail your practical! every touch and go requires a new sequence. For example: #3 traffic to follow is on left downwind, followed by #3 cleared for the option. Do not use “roger” as a clearance/sequence.
  6. Not as important; but exit runway commands, send them between 70-80 knots.
    Let me know if you have any questions! Again am always happy to help! Also please let me know if you want to keep practicing!

Ok thanks. I’m not the best at ATC operations so I want to practice more

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Im happy to help and give any advice, do you plan on taking IFATC exam?

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Hey there…

I won’t feedback since @Vincent_C covers pretty much the issues

Keep on practicing…Practice makes perfect! 😉


I did applied for IFATC but it’s rejected as a result of the lengthy suspension I received

Oh, im sorry to hear that, do you know when you’ll be able to apply again?

Idk if they’ll ever let me join

Why do you say that?

How come?

You have to wait 60 days after your last violation if I remember

Well, I’ve been suspended on the IFC for quite a long time so idrk if they can still let me back because of the extended moderation history and obviously need for oversight according to what Tyler said

Ho…sorry to hear that

Well im sorry to hear that, I hope you’ll find a way to overcome that challenge!

Feedback | YU-KII

  • Pushback conflict
    When we both request pushback at the same time, you have to cleard one for pushback and the other one “hold position”

    You can see 2 planes don’t have to move at the same time to avoid any problem 👆

  • Forgot give way
    When we where here (check the photo below 👇) you have to send a give way command.

What it have to be with a give way 👇

  • Crossing runway command
    Very late crossing runway and no “hold short runway 33R” when waiting

  • Take off
    Your take off clearance was good with left traffic

  • Forgot Sequance
    When I-NFIN changed runway you had to sequence me as “number 2 traffic to follow is on final” 👇

  • Forgot Clearance
    You have to cleard all planes for all landing

Same 👆

This can help you:

" When to use what?

Now, all this may seem confusing but right here, I will tell you when to use which commands.

Inbound Aircraft from Another Airport

  1. Pattern Entry
  2. Sequence
  3. Clearance. If this is an option clearance, you must tell them to make left/right traffic

Aircraft who request a Runway Change

  1. Pattern Entry to the new Runway
  2. Sequence
  3. Clearance. If this is an option clearance, you must tell them to make left/right traffic

Aircraft in the Pattern

  1. Sequence (You should give this as soon as possible)
  2. Clearance. No traffic direction is needed with this clearance as long as they are on the same runway. (This usually come right after the sequence) " from Aiden

General feedback:
This was a little bit chaotic session but I hope you read carefully our feedback and do better the next time 😉

See you next time @Ken_wei and thanks @Vincent_C for trying to make some conflict with me.


Ping me when you open again.