Kemble been shown not to be able to take a 747

This morning i flew from EGLL-EGBP in the BA 747 as a retirement flight (IRL 3 are there) and according to infinite flight the airport isnt big enough to hold them. I believe atm as i type there is about 10 there.

Is this a known issue?

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There are many airports like this, which can’t accommodate wide bodies contrary to real life. I believe they are aware of it but not sure when a fix will come.

Ok. Just thrink they need to do some research into smaller airports

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Hey there!

I can explain your issue:

When the Airport Editor added this airport, they did not include the large taxiways where the British Airways 747’s are parked, however they included the much smaller ramps, aprons, and all of that sort of stuff.

The Boeing 747-400 is labelled as a Class E aircraft. When editing spawns at an airport, we assign it by a class, ranging from A to F. Here is a table below of the spawn sizes.

EGBP has no Class E or larger spawns, where the system detects this when you add it as your destination, warning you that there are no set spawns/gates available for this aircraft.

I imagine that the BA 747’s are parked here, which has said above, isn’t a valid spawn point for the aircraft, and as no other areas can hold an aircraft as large the system doesn’t think that an aircraft will fit into any spawn/gate,

Editors won’t put a spawn what would be a potential ‘taxiway’ or somewhere where aircraft might be freely moving on in an open space… This airport could do with a needed update though 🤔

Hope this helps you understand!


Because the 747 is the most known one to fly there and plus the airline that fly some of the aircraft there dont have liveries

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I honestly hope this aurport gets an update

Most aircraft will back taxi the runway as about 99% of aircraft that arrive there never depart again

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