So, I think I will put this in #general, but let me know if this goes in #support
As I was departing runway 04 of KELP (El Paso), headed for a three hour flight to KATL in the A319, my Aircraft glitched through the runway and crashed. Kind of what happenes at ZUGU when you land there. Just wondering if this was a known issue with KELP or just a random glitch.
iPhone 6
IOS 11.0.1

Thanks for the help!

This sounds like a corrupt terrain file. Normally, a restart will fix this, but if the issue persists a re-install would be necessary.
If you need more information, or have another issue or glitch, check here for a solution: December 2017 Update | The Known Bugs, or PM with any further questions.

Safe flying,
Etrain :)

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A picture or video would help.

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I has this issue too, have you fixed it yet?

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This means the trerrain under the airport is probably not flat