Keishawn_24k Birthday Event @ KSJC - 202300ZAPR19

Server: Training

Departing Airport: KSJC

Arriving Airport: KLAS

Time & Date: 2019-04-20T22:00:00Z2019-04-21T00:30:00Z

Notam: Please Come in a Southwest 737-700 or -800 with Any Livery. KLIT’s Terminal has 12 Gates & KSJC’s has 14 Gates. 12 people can attend.

KSJC Terminal A Gates:
1: @keishawn_24k
2: @Matthew_20204
3: @Aviation-21
4: @Luke_Sta
KSJC Ground ATC: @J2S
KSJC Tower ATC: @J2S

KLAS Ground ATC: @DiamondGaming4
KLAS Tower ATC: @DiamondGaming4


I’ll take a gate

If the event is at 1700Z (then the time conversions must be wrong) I’ll take a gate.

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I’ll do KSJC ground and tower

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I changed it

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I’ll do KLAS Ground/Tower

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Oh I can’t attend at 2300Z (midnight here) Sorry. I coul have participated at 1700Z.

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cough @BigBert10 cough

I will take a gate. See you there!

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I saw this already

April 20 is a bit far for me
And it’s on training with unrealistic gates so that is a big discouragement for me

  • Keep at SJC & Fly to LAS
  • Move to LIT & fly to SJC

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There are no nonstop flights irl KLIT-KSJC

Anybody else interested in joining?

Just a little thread bump

Don’t think I will make it, sorry,

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Thanks for letting me know

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