Keiner_Urdaneta ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my tracking thread.

This is where I will display and practice my ATC skills to become IFATC. I will need your help to come out and support me by doing patterns!

Please give feedback.Thanks!

When and where do you plan to open?

I will be opening at 15:00Z at KLSV. Hope to see you soon!

If you are still open I will join

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Yes, I´m still open! :)

@Keiner_Urdaneta easy 844

  • I taxied through the grass and you didn’t catch it
  • after take off you gave me a pattern entry and that was not needed
  • when I was cleared for the option you game me a traffic direction, I was already in the pattern so I didn’t need one
  • I had a late runway exit
    Etihad 844
  • your transition was a little low, I recommend with that airports elevation somewhere around 4,500 feet
  • Speedbird 351 heavy didn’t need a pattern entry and his clearance for the option was a tad bit early
  • and you fought my taxi through grass a little late
    Overall great session just focus on the little things :)
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