KEGE - Eagle County

What does the SFC - 15000ft mean? Can I fly in and out of KEGE without getting violations?

Yes of course just don’t fly in with airplane bigger than a 321 I belive.

Click on the restriction and it will give you information such as what type of aircraft you can’t fly!

Ok thanks a lot, much appreciated

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Yes because there is an occasional 757 that flys into EGE but it’s not normal and on casual and training server that would be a wreck as it’s not that pretty for a757 to land there.

It’s no larger than a 757 at KEGE, and the restriction goes from the surface of the airport to 15,000 ft AGL.

So if you fly an A380 in that red circle at 13,000 feet, best believe you will be warned.

Yeah I just spawned and I read the restrictions, Thanks a lot guys, it no bigger than a A321 and 757

Yeah here’s a picture for those wanting exact requirements:

So if you were at 16,000 feet in a 747, you will be fine right?

Yes as in real life 747’s could be flying as low or as high it’s just not practical because people would take advantage of no TFR. You can fly at 15001 in a 380 and be fine but I don’t advise it.