Keeps telling me to update even though I already pressed update

I have pressed update a few times now but it just keeps telling me to update in the App Store

Unfortunately with updates like this they take time to roll out to everyone in the App Store. With it just being released today, I would expect some to not get the update for a few hours.

Wait a few hours and just keep periodically checking. There’s nothing the staff can do to make it go faster. I think you should get your update today, sometime, if there aren’t issues on Apple or Google’s end.

It’s not that I haven’t got it. I pressed update and it loaded and updated and had the blue dot next to the app but then I loaded in and the a220 wasn’t there and I went back into App Store and it asked me to update again. Then it keeps doing the same thing now

I’d say the first thing to do here is to restart your device and check both the IF app and the app store again.

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Ok will do. And will be right back

Ohhh, got it.

I’d do what Thunder said, and if that doesn’t work, I’d reinstall IF.

It worked! Thank you very much guys!

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